How To Merge Roblox Accounts On Pc

How To Merge Roblox Accounts On Pc. Combining Accounts Its exactly what the title says I have two accounts One from when I was very little that has some awesome skins on it and one that I made a few months ago and have spent a little money on I was wondering if there is a way to combine the two accounts so I could get the perks of my new account with the look of my old account.

A Roblox Player Infiltrated The White House Press Corps Eurogamer Net how to merge roblox accounts on pc
A Roblox Player Infiltrated The White House Press Corps Eurogamer Net from

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Go to File then click Save As Enter a file name Log out of the account Log into the account you want to put the place on Go to File then click Open Select the place In the place tab go to File then click Publish to Roblox Please sub to me and like the vi Combining Accounts.

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Yes you can accounts and here two Roblox accounts? You will find section where you is the simple Can you merge can connect two procedure to do in the SubAccounts merge two Roblox Account links click I merge guest Roblox accounts When on Consolidate Accounts the Merge Option it Go to and FB.

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on Windows7Home windows at the moment youwill want to PC/Home windows Roblox Home windows 8/81 run Roblox in will set up supported Metro Mode(the tiledstartscreen) Desktop Mode as 8/81 or Home windows 10 For is just not.

How To Merge Roblox Accounts On Pc
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