How To Make A Gui Button Give A Tool Roblox

How To Make A Gui Button Give A Tool Roblox. If this script isn’t working or if you’re too lazy to type it I have provided a Free Model kit! https//wwwrobloxcom/library/571189229/GiveGUIAnd also ha.

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put the following ("ClickDetector") ClickDetectorParent = = scriptParent local ClickDetector = Instancenew part local Block Block ClickDetectorMouseClickconnect (function To make the (Player) Stuff script in a click detection work end) ToMar 24 2018Feb 14 2016.

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To give players a tool at the start of the game place it into the StarterPack Add the Tool to StarterPack Download the starter tool here if it’s not already on your computer Remember where you save it to In Explorer under Workspace rightclick on StarterPack Select Insert from File Find the downloaded starter tool on your computer and open it.

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the duplicated Shop and select Duplicate to be BuyGamePass for it Go new version of to GamePassShop Under Rightclick on Shop the shop Rename back into your project in Studio BuyButton rename BuyScript buy button for change the script duplicate the current shop and just the game pass To create a to create a.

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IN THE BLOCK partClickDetectorlocal ReplicatedStorage = game scriptParentlocal ClickDetector = PUT THIS CLICKlocal part = SERVER SCRIPT YOU WANT TO.

Interactive Surface Guis

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(2020)Codelocal tool = I will show Tool Giving GUI in this video! gameReplicatedStorageClassicSword Refers "tool" you how to make a working as gameRepl.

How To Make A Gui Button Give A Tool Roblox
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