Gui Only Visible To A User Roblox

Gui Only Visible To A User Roblox. local players = gamePlayersLocalPlayer local gui = scriptParentFrame location of the ui if playersName == “DrxpLoxs” then guiVisible=true else print(“User is not me gui hidden”) end Can also do it byFeb 21 2022Aug 20 2021Jan 11 2021May 21 2020.

Advanced Scripting Gui Tutorial 1 Roblox Blog gui only visible to a user roblox
Advanced Scripting Gui Tutorial 1 Roblox Blog from

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function onClicked() local frame = buttonParent local gui = frameParent frameVisible = false guiEnabled = false print(frameVisible) end The frameVisible line is commented off so it doesn’t run Remove the before that line and your script should be all good.

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GUI 1 Start create a GUI Insert > Object tutorial will tell Mode on the Roblox Studio and Select the 'StarterGui' you in list form how to in the object and explain some go into Edit of the properties GUI Button This desired place 2 > ScreenGui Creating a Roblox and the basics of scripting a browser 3 Click.

Gui Only Visible To A User Roblox
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