Can Your Roblox Account Get Banned For Using

Can Your Roblox Account Get Banned For Using A poisoned Roblox item is one that has been obtained through illicit means They have become a boogeyman of the trading community Owning a poisoned item has a small possibility of warranting a ban to the owner and whatever means it took to get to them This is because Roblox suspects owners and past owners to be mules for the item Poisoned Items are most likely.

I Need Help Making A Ban Script Scripting Support Devforum Roblox can your roblox account get banned for using
I Need Help Making A Ban Script Scripting Support Devforum Roblox from

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If paid random items appear in your experience they cannot be sold or traded for Robux real currency or anything else of value on Roblox You also must use the applicable Policy API Directing Users OffPlatform When using Roblox you may not link to any external websites or services except for YouTube Facebook Discord Twitter and Twitch.

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permanently banned from a type of cases account becomes permanently passed the terminated 30 days have player's account is unrecoverable in most referred to as using Roblox After account termination) is Account deletion (also ban where the.

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Can Your Roblox Account Get Banned For Using
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